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BSCAI Virtual Operations Summit 2023
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Summit 2023 Recordings

Quality Assurance and an Inspired Workplace

Session 1: Listen Up! It’s Time to Clean up the Operation “Junk Drawer” 

Presented by: Gary Collins , CBSE, Chief Operating Officer, Supreme Maintenance Organization, Jason Dinverno, CBSECXO, Managing Partner, Prestige Maintenance USA, and Sean Litvak, Senior Director of Business Development, Vonachen Group

In the BSC industry, we pride ourselves on delivering a paramount product — our cleaning services. A disorganized and bloated operations process can begin a domino effect leading to inadequate service delivery and front-line challenges. This conversation will feature case studies brought forth by your peers, submitted during registration, on the challenges they are currently facing with their operations. Experts will help attendees delve into their “operations junk drawer” and provide insight on what to do not next.

Session 2: Quality Assurance — Getting the Job Done and Done Right

Presented by: Sarah Dhom, Branch Manager, ESS Clean, Danny Kilgore, CEO, Simply Right Inc. and Josh Richards, COO, Puritan Commercial Cleaning & Services

Quality operations are the assurance you need to know your clients are receiving the best possible service, but how do you prove to them they are getting that? Want to learn how to get rid of that feeling of “were services delivered correctly and with the utmost quality today?” During this session, you will learn strategies, tips and technology tools you can implement with your site supervisors and front-line workers to ensure client needs are met or exceeded! Speakers will share key insights and tangible ideas for promoting the “we know it gets done and it gets done right” when it comes to service verification and quality of clean.

Session 3: Create an Inspired Workplace — Getting Your Team (Managers to Front-Line) to Care as Much as You Do

Presented by: Jamie Henry, CEO, Bee Line, Dave Klier, Chief Operating Officer, The Professional Group, Charles Keenum, CBSE, Vice President, The Budd Group and Claudia St. John, SPHR, SHRM-SCP,  President, Affinity HR Group

Inspiring your site supervisors and front-line employees to go above and beyond may seem unattainable. How do you “get your employees to care” from an operations-mindset? Spoiler: it’s creating a positive workplace culture! This session will increase your understanding of how an organized and streamlined operations gives your team the support and confidence they need to be inspired, effectively carry out your company’s mission and go the extra mile with service delivery.

Session 4: What’s Your Plan? How to Keep the Junk Drawer from Becoming Junky Again

Presented by: Greg Buchner, CBSE, President/CEO, CleanOffice / PorterPlus, Gary Collins, CBSE, Chief Operating Officer, Supreme Maintenance Organization, and Dave Klier, Chief Operating Officer, The Professional Group

During our final session for the day, you and your peers will discuss critical takeaways and remaining questions, bounce newly identified challenges off of the experts, and wrap up your next steps. Attendees will be able to receive guidance and instruction in intimate breakout groups, finalize their next steps for identifying current challenges, increasing quality assurance, addressing productivity barriers and creating a “go the extra mile” front-line culture with guidance from the experts. As a special add-on, you will be able to take advantage of a future post-event meet up with other attendees and industry experts which will allow you to keep yourself accountable on your progress by using the time to follow-up with one another. 

Session 4 Part 1: Inspired Workplace Breakout Room

Session 4 Part 2: Operations Junk Drawer Breakout Room

Session 4 Part 3: Quality Assurance Breakout Room