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Gershen Proven Strategies

Drawing on his 55+ years of successful experience in the building services industry, Barney Gershen works with the CEO in multiple areas including top line, bottom line, customer retention, building strong teams, and strategic planning.


Your Organization will Benefit From:

  • A confident, educated, and skilled executive in the building services industry
  • A support team focused on meeting the organization’s goal for the candidate
  • Measurable action steps for accountability
  • Regular communication to keep the sponsor involved and informed
  • Metrics to measure growth and success
  • A plan to transfer the mentoring relationship to a senior internal executive or an extended plan from Gershen

Growth, Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning

Pivotal For Driving Acquisitions & Boosting Revenue

Customer Retention

Quality of service turns customers into repeat buyers and prevents them from switching to a competitor.

Organizational Development

Practices, Systems, and Techniques that Affect Organizational Change. 

Succession Planning

Invest, Define, and Develop New Leadership


Increase your bottom line with performance and development driven mentorship.

Cost Analysis/Reduction

Critical Strategy for Cost Management

Acquisition Assistance

Placement and Compability using the Birkman® Method

Exit Strategy Development and Implementation

Prepare, Consider, and Speak to Your Organization

Bring out the best in your executives

Leading Companies to the Next Level

Barnett Gershen consults with C-Level Executives and their Management Teams to quickly and efficiently reach the next level of success. His own business, Associated Building Services (ABS) became the 9th largest privately held maintenance contractor services company in the U.S., with 13,000 employees and sales of $230 million. Barnett is regularly featured in the BSCAI magazine and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.


Gershen Proven Strategies


Barney Gershen utilizes his wide ranging BSCAI resources to provide the latest training and information as it relates to the industry.

Purposeful Partnering

We work in partnership with the CEO to get the candidate on track toward success, as well as providing the necessary resources for continued success. 

Leading and Managing

Affiliate Patricia Hansen utilizes the proven Birkman® Method to assess, manage, and develop multiple leadership areas.

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