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The ultimate goal for every business is to create an A Plus Team.

The ultimate goal for every business is to create an A plus team.  A good part of my consulting has been geared toward getting the “right people in the right seats.”  Beyond that, I’m convinced that we must posture them for success in order to create a solid TEAM focused on the company goals.

Industry specific recruiting package

Step One

Search national job sites for the best candidates in the industry (or a similar one).

Step Two

Vet qualified candidates through interviews, reference and background checks, and a Birkman assessment.

Step Three

Deliver to the decision maker a full package ready for a face-to-face interview.

Step Four

Arrange and participate in the interview.

Step Five

Posture the new hire for success through an on-boarding plan that will be measured and monitored by creating a customized position profile correlating job activities to financial goals!


I’ve advocated the Birkman® as a resource in the selection process for the past forty years.  This instrument indicates the interest of the applicant as well as their workstyle, how they will work with their supervisor and subordinates, and how they will fit in or represent the company culture.

We have helped many business owners across the country find and retain the best person for the job.  We recently placed a VP of Operations within three weeks.  We took the same amount of time to place a Director of Operations.  AND we found, vetted, and placed an administrative/payroll manager within one week. We can’t always guarantee that the process will be that fast, but we can guarantee that it will be thorough and require as little time as possible on your part.

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  • Executive Development/Mentoring for Rapid Success
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Building/HR Issues (rapidly changing labor market)
  • The Birkman Method (personality/job fit assessment)
  • Strategic COVID consulting
  • Acquisition Assistance
  • Exit Strategy Development and Implementation

Organizational Development

The Birkman® Method