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Achieve Long Term, Sustainable Growth

Think of it as a filing cabinet. The GC Filing Cabinet contains five categories, each as important as the next for the overall grow. Consider your annaul net top line growth, annual improvement in profitablity, customer retention, your team and human resources, and finally, aspire to maintain a strategic perspective.

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GC Resource Filing Cabinet

Each drawer is one of the 5 Key Goals that, when combined, will achieve our overall goal of Long Term, Sustainable Growth.

Inside each drawer there are many management tactics, processes, and procedures that help achieve the key goal.

Mentoring for Rapid Success

Utilizing these resources to their greatest potential may require mentorship along the way. 

This process offered by Gershen Consulting is tailored to support building maintenance executives in key positions who are:

  1. Entering a new industry
  2. Entering an entirely different type of corporate culture
  3. Looking to integrate quickly and efficiently into a new role.

The Mentorship Program is based upon Barney’s 55+ successful years in the industry and a comprehensive digital library of resources that will be available during and after the completion of the program. Also, renowned Birkman© expert Patricia Corbett will provide her 30+ years’ experience utilizing the Birkman© method to build and coach the employee both as an individual and as a part of the company team.

In addition, Barney will utilize his wide ranging BSCAI resources to provide the latest training and information as it relates to the industry (including participation in valuable ‘town hall’ meetings). This is a 12 month plan to begin with heavy immersion at the program start.

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