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Rated 5 out of 5

“Barney – Thanks again for a great full day of very positive communication and creative meeting results.”

"Your impact on my organization is truly nothing short of a miracle .  Thank you in leading us to the best year we have ever had!  Profits are in sight. Working is becoming more fun."

"(Client) spoke very highly of you and how you were able to help shape his business.  We are excited about our progress but ready to take it to the next level and according to (client) you are “THE NEXT LEVEL”!"

"I call it the Gershen Effect - We doubled our profitability percentage in just one year"

"Very impressive what you have accomplished...thank you for making all of your knowledge and experience available. I will definitely be in your (BSCAI) session in Vegas!

"I am very happy with service, support and value you provided me during the process of hiring our new CFO.

Barnett was helpful too !

Thank you for all your effort"

“You saved us a boatload of money!”

“I was leaving money on the table until I got you (GC)”


 "I wanted to share with you a success story.  I implemented your holiday labor savings plan.  We have always used it but never as formally as we did this year.  We saved over $21,000.00 in payroll and taxes for the week of Thanksgiving.  I have always been pretty ‘bah humbug’ when it comes to the holidays but this year I can’t wait!!!  Thank you again for believing in me."


“We just got paid $15,000 to not work” (Referring to GC labor savings program implemented).


“Just a note to say thanks for all you did for myself, my team and my company.  Your advice and guidance was invaluable.  It took us where we needed to go.”


“Since we started working with Gershen Consulting, our company is projecting a sales growth rate of 10% to 20% annually for the next five years.  This illustrates that implementation of GC strategies is the foundation of the sales program, and that sustainable growth is the result.”


“The victories are being shared and celebrated.  The risks are being identified with strategies to correct in place.  Clients are appreciative of the time spent.  Our company is learning ...we closed on time this month…we hit the budget for the first time all year.  With your help, we have not hired many people we would have, and we save money on holidays for not working (holiday savings).  We test personality profiles, and culture = $

I am enjoying my company more and more each day.  The work is starting to be fun.  Every time we stop lying to ourselves and verify our best practices, assumptions are confronted and we move forward another step.  Each item listed above "I've learned from you" Thank you for consistent guidance and patience.”


“Recently, I had the honor to work with Barney Gershen, and as a result of working together and focusing on a common goal, we had a had a seamless and very profitable outcome.  Our exit strategy was more lucrative than we originally thought, and we achieved a quicker culmination than originally foreseen.”


“I have known Barney for over twelve years through associations and various business encounters.  About three years ago we hired Barney to get our company ready to sell after 38 years of owning it.  His analysis of where we were, how we got there, and where we needed to go was spot on.  From developing a strategic plan to the implementation of the tactics his involvement was consistent and personal.  Long story short, we sold our company at a good multiple and got more than we had planned.  If you are looking for excellent professional advice on how to get to the next level of growth…. give Barney a call.”


“Barney  - Thanks again for a great full day of very positive communication and creative meeting results.”


“Since we've been tracking managers’ activities through the white board, it's like cell phones - I don't' know how we got by without them!”


“Thanks for the detailed follow-up and your help each week.  The changes you recommend are subtle each week but amount to be dramatic changes over time.  We could not have made the changes without you.”


"Working with Gershen Consulting has been exactly what we needed to allow our organization to aggressively advance and operate at the highest industry levels. For example, we were extremely happy with the expert industry executive search conducted recently for our company. With that search, we got targeted, industry knowledge and advice that is so extremely rare to find.  From that executive search project, we have since moved on to numerous similarly successful consulting projects, all of which revolve around improving the systems of our organization.  Gershen Consulting has been the biggest factor in the growth that we have been seeking all these years.”



If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo

painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep

streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great

street sweeper who did his job well. ‐ Martin Luther King, Jr.